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This week’s featured 60 Seconds on South Bay interviews

Safe Streets and Schools
Is your child safe on the streets of San Jose? What’s being done to keep them safe when they cross our streets on the way to and from school? San Jose Department of Transportation’s Public Information Manager Colin Heyne says plenty! The city’s “Walk n’ Roll” and “Street Smarts” programs are two examples, and Mr. Heyne explains how the city researches proposed traffic problems near schools with an eye towards protecting our school kids.

Successful Silicon Valley Women
Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s story is most unusual: she was ostracized in her Korean village as a child because she was female, so she came to America to seek her fortune. Here, she faced prejudice both because she’s a woman, and also because she’s an immigrant. Through hard work and dedication, she’s become the Chairwoman and CEO of Fremont’s Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, and an award-winning advocate for women in business. Recently, she was awarded the coveted “Stevie” Award for women in business, and she joined Sam Van Zandt to discuss her path to success and how she’s helping women achieve.

How To Keep Your Home Sweet Home
Times are tough in Silicon Valley for renters AND homeowners, and sometimes it’s hard to know which way to turn. Project Sentinel’s Housing Coordinator, Alyssa Kroeger helps people stay in their homes, keep their rents reasonable, keep their pets, and avoid conflicts with landlords every day. She offers tips for renters and those of us fortunate enough to own a home. Want to keep your happy home? Listen up!


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