$10,000 Birthday Game

This is the game you were BORN to win!

Every weekday Bay FM has $10,000 up for grabs. All you need to do is listen mornings at 8:20am with Bruce Scott for him to ask for caller 9 who was born in that day’s random month for an instant prize. Then he will ask if the caller was born on the random day, if they were the caller will receive $1,000. Finally, if month and day match, Bruce will ask if the caller was born in the random year, if that matches the caller will win $10,000!

This week Monday, 4/16 – Friday, 4/20:
Match the month and win a pair of tickets to see U2 in their Innocence + Experience Tour on Tuesday, May 8th! Great seats for this show are still available at

*Random birthdays are pre-determined by an outside third party company.
Official Contest Rules