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Play Bay FM’s Thousand Dollar Minute every weekday at 7:30am with Bruce Scott!

Be caller 9 at 1-800-948-5229 and answer up to 10 questions to win cash! For every question you get right you’ll win $10 gift card to Pizza My Heart, but if you answer all 10 questions correctly you’ll win $1,000!

We also understand that you are busy and that it might be hard to be caller 9 so we are giving you an alternative way to win! Enter your name here and Bruce might be calling you on Friday, May 4th, at 7:30am to play Thousand Dollar Minute!

Official Contest Rules

Questions for Thursday, April 19

  1. What is the capital of Puerto Rico?
  2. The Golden Knights are a hockey team from what city?
  3. The first Apple computer came out in 1976, 1979 or 1983?
  4. How many days are in April?
  5. What does AAA (car group) stand for?
  6. What store says “That was easy!”
  7. Spell the word musician.
  8. In Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock & Roll” how much should you put in the juke box?
  9. Jack Nicholson said “Heeeere’s Johnny” in what movie?
  10. Math quiz: If you have 4 dozen bedbugs, how many bedbugs do you have?

Answers (Today’s contestant knew the ones with an asterisk) 

  1. San Juan
  2. Las Vegas*
  3. 1976
  4. 30*
  5. American Automobile Association*
  6. Staples
  7. Musician
  8. A dime
  9. The Shining
  10. 48


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