Goodbye, Columbus; Statue Moves Down The Road


Is it “Goodbye, Columbus” or “Hold that pose”? The presence of Christopher Columbus statues has been debated in recent years, around the world. In Buenos Aires, Argentina they just replaced one of Chris with an even larger statue of female freedom fighter, Juana Azurduy. But, the Columbus statue in New York’s Central Park is staying put. What about the one at San Jose’s City Hall that’s been making news?

Saturday, 3/10, The 9-foot statue was packed up, and sent down the road. Be happy you weren’t driving behind that moving truck. It was a very S-L-O-W roll from City Hall to the Italian American Heritage Foundation, according to the driver, who was being extra careful. Luckily, it was just under a mile.

The hand-carved marble statue, made in Italy, was a gift to the city of San Jose from Italian-American groups in 1958. The Italian Heritage folks really wanted it, and City Hall was in a quandary–we hope everyone’s happy now!




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