Harry & Meghan, Who Gets To Go?

Prince Harry and Megan Markle will be married on Saturday May 19th at noon, Britain time; that’s 4 a.m. for us in California. Who gets to go?Don’t be fooled by news headlines that entice you into thinking you’ll read who’s on the royal wedding invite list. It’s not public!

But–there are several good bets from the music world who are likely to get the embossed card. According to various news sources, there’s a 98% chance that Sir Elton John will be in attendance. James Blunt (remember that he was rumored to be Will & Kate’s wedding organist 😀 ) and Ed Sheeran, who is everybody’s friend, are possible invite candidates.

The royal wedding venue only holds 800, so they’re much more limited than brother Will’s 1900 guests and mum & dad’s 3500-invitees for their “wedding of the century”. One man who probably will not make it to the church or after-party this May is Markle’s ex–799 spots left!


Photo: Alpha Media Stock

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