The New iPhone X Is Here

Apple fans, your long wait is finally over.  Today the iPhone X, 8 and 8+ were shown off to the world.  Just in case you are wondering which one cost $1000 and your first-born child, it’s the iPhone X.  It does come with all the bells and whistles though.  It is entirely screen with no button.  The iPhone X can respond to you by touch, voice or a surly glance.  Dust and water-resistant.  Notice that Apple didn’t way water proof?  Yes, that means don’t drop it in the toilet or dog water bowl.  I’m sure you’re probably thinking but I wanted to take photos underwater.  Well, too bad.  You can’t do that with a $1000 phone.  The new iPhone X does have wireless charging and a brand new pretty screen which is nice.  It’s a cool looking phone.

I don’t know though.  $1000 is still a little too much for me.  The iPhone 8 is only $699.  That’s a little more reasonable.  Yeah, I just said a $700 smart phone is reasonable.  I feel weird about that too.

– Kirk-asaurus Rex

Photo: Creative Commons

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