The Coolest Female Marvel Character is……………….

Some people would say Storm with her ability to control the weather and fly.  Others might say it’s Black Widow who has been a staple in the Marvel movies since early on.  After seeing Black Panther over the weekend there is no doubt in my mind that it’s the Wakandan General, Okoye.  I can describe her in two words.  Bad Ass.  Okoye stands out more than any other female character in the Marvel movies so far.  Her fight scenes are a little more aggressive and wild.  Her outfits are way cooler and her personality is more unique.  She’s like the terminator.  I actually thought she was the coolest character in Black Panther.  Yes, even more intersting that Black Panther himself.  There are even talks of Okoye getting her own film.  That would be Bad Ass.




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