The San Jose Sharks Are Up 2-0

It’s that time of year once again in San Jose.  The Playoffs are here.

Sometime I have to think that we are so spoiled here in the Bay.  The San Jose Sharks have the 5th best record in the NHL since 2000.  We’ve been crazy good and just haven’t won the Cup yet.  Fans are at the point where the only acceptable outcome is to win the cup.  Nothing else will be excepted.

The Sharks are off to a 2-0 lead in the first round of the NHL Playoffs.  It feels really good to be up on the Ducks right now.  That team has ruined my a Sharks fans playoff dreams.  I hope we sweep them.

If we can get past the Ducks we’d most likely take on the Las Vegas Golden Knights who won the Pacific Division this year.  That is a good team with a lot of talent.  Just because they’re a new team doesn’t mean this will be a cake walk.

Good luck Sharks Fans.  Lets see if this team can finally scale the mountain.

Game 3 is Tonight in San Jose at 7:30pm



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