Why Cyndi Lauper once accused Rod Stewart of not being “rock and roll”

Gabriel Grams/Getty Images

Not long ago, Rod Stewart dismissed artists who announce farewell tours as “dishonest”  and “not rock and roll.”  But it turns out Rod’s own tour mate once accused him of not being “rock and roll” himself — because of his clothes.

Rod, 73, and Cyndi Lauper, 64, are doing a joint tour together this summer and, as they tell People magazine, they first met back in 1985 at an AIDS benefit in Los Angeles.  So what were their first impressions of each other?

“I know you didn’t like my suit! It was electric blue. You said it was too loud,” Rod reminds Cyndi during their chat with People.  Cyndi responds,I didn’t think it was rock and roll.  I said that to him.  He was sad.”

Of course, considering the outfits that Cyndi wore in the ’80s, perhaps she’s not the best person to critique someone else’s style.  Meanwhile, what did impress the chart-topping stars about each other were their singing voices.

“I thought [she] had a soulful voice,” Rod says. “I like ‘Time After Time.’ I’d love to have recorded that — such a gorgeous song.”

As for Cyndi, she says, “I’m a fan.  He’s just one of the great rock and roll singers.”

Rod and Cyndi’s joint tour kicks off June 25 in Los Angeles and wraps up with a September 1 show in Auburn, Washington.

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