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Back It Up! A Toilet Paper Alternative Causes Sewer Line Problems In Redding

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

In a last ditch effort to solve the diminishing supply of toilet paper, some residents in Redding, CA, have decided to use shredded t-shirts as an alternative.

However, it didn’t quite work the way they had hoped as the t-shirts ending up wiping out a sewer line!

“The pumps were clogged by what appeared to be shredded t-shirts that were used in place of toilet paper,” the city said, according to the Redding Record Searchlight.

Last night, Assistant Director of Public Works, Ryan Bailey said a resident called to say a toilet wasn’t flushing. Unfortunately, he didn’t know if that person that called was the one responsible for the clog.

“It could’ve been any number of the houses on the street,” Bailey said.

Workers had to remove the T-shirt remnants to clear the blockage.

The incident prompted city officials to send out the following message:

Bailey and his fellow workers have a saying when it comes to toilets.

“Anything and everything is flushable, but it doesn’t mean that it’s OK to put it down the toilet,” he said.

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