A Mammogram Saved My Life! October Is Your Month To Get Tested.

Jona is pictured at Stanford, San Jose, posing before getting a mammogram
Photo by Jona Denz-Hamilton

I just got my mammogram and some good news. I’m cancer-free for 2.5 years now. Early detection is key to surviving cancer. Thankfully, mine was found to be only at Stage 0 after my 2015 mammogram. Did you know that I was Stanford-San Jose’s very first surgery patient?

Women should be tested for breast cancer every year, MEN TOO, if they find a lump. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A mammogram is an easy way to get peace of mind, or an early diagnosis.

Take advantage of your insurance coverage or a clinic offering special pricing.

  • Click HERE for info on low-cost or free mammograms.
  • Click HERE for St. Louise free tests.
  • Click HERE for info on Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital’s $75 mammograms.




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