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A San Jose Gym Offering Testing For Antibodies For People Who May Have Had COVID-19

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

Despite having to shut their doors due to the shelter-in-place order, one San Jose gym is stepping up to fight back against the pandemic.

The founders of Red Dot Fitness, located on The Alameda, is now offering testing for antibodies of COVID-19.

They began offering the testing on Thursday of last week.

“We’re really trying to help the community the best we can so this is just a service we’re able to provide that not a lot of places can,” said Red Dot Fitness CEO Scott Howell.

But how did they get involved?

Howell said that the company has had a great longstanding relationship with the San Carlos biotechnology company, Vibrant America, which is conducting the antibody testing, thus allowing them to open their doors to help.

The test involves a blood draw, which is done by a phlebotomist in a room inside the gym. It costs $225, and cannot be given to a person who has symptoms. Vibrant America states on its web site that the test has been validated, but the Food and Drug Administration’s independent review on the validation is still pending.

Howell said they don’t make any money from the tests, but that it’s not about profit.

“It’s giving back to the community and to science,” he said. “There’s so much that needs to be learned still about this.”


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