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An Illinois School District Is Drawing Mixed Reviews For Their Banning Of Pajamas For Students Learning From Home

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Let’s be honest for a moment.

For those of us working from home, we’ve all punched in while wearing our pajamas. I’m all for it, being comfy is key while being on-air.

But a school district in Illinois is not having that at all.

They are banning students from wearing pajama bottoms or slippers while attending school from home!

Since the school enforces a dress code that prohibits pajama pants and slippers while on campus, they’ve decided to enforce it while learning from home!

I’m not quite sure how they plan on enforcing that.

In addition, kids must also sit at a table for at-home learning and can not sit on their beds.

Also, if I remember correctly, if you didn’t stay within the dress code at school you were sent home.

Has your school district sent home any new rules for the school year?

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