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Apple Removes iPhone’s “Group FaceTime” Due To Major Bug

Surprise! You’re on candid…iPhone. For at least a week some users of Apple’s Group FaceTime app have been noticing a glitch that allows a caller to hear you while your phone is still ringing. You could be ignoring a call, and gabbing to someone in the room, and you’d be heard on the other end of the line. Major oops. What’s worse, it was reported numerous times in various ways, going through all the right routes, with no action from Apple. That changed when an online journalist published the finding.

Apple finally took action and removed “Group FaceTime” to de-bug it. If you have the app it may be good to disable it to make sure it’s not operational.

Click HERE for instructions on how to shut off “Group FaceTime”.

Click HERE for more on what happened.


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