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As If Traffic In The Bay Area Wasn’t Bad Enough, Tech Company, Cruise, Is Now Testing Fully Driverless Cars In San Francisco!

Well, this is certainly going to make things far more interesting…

Tech company, Cruise, has announced that they are testing fully driverless cars in San Francisco!

The car company, which is affiliated with Honda and General Motors, has said that it’s taken more than five years of testing to get to this point.

The tests are taking place with a Cruise employee in the passenger seat with an emergency switch if needed.

Well, this certainly makes sense. We’ve had brainless drivers on the roads for years, this is definitely one way to get them out from behind the wheel!

There are only certain streets in San Francisco that are allowed for testing and the vehicles are not allowed to go any faster than 30 mph and can only operate in dry conditions.

What do you think of driverless cars?

Would you want to ride in a car that is driverless?

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