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Bay’s Next Top Pet

It’s Bay’s Next Top Pet where each week we feature another animal in need of their forever home!  Join us and Silicon Valley Pet Project as we help save animals from Silicon Valley’s largest shelter, San Jose Animal Care Center (SJACC).

This Week’s Next Top Pets are Bella and Milo!

Bella and her brother Milo are such friendly kitties. They walk right up to all people and pets. They love other cats and dogs as well. These kitties have the softest fur and want to be in the same room with you. While they aren’t really lap kitties, they definitely want to be with you on the ottoman in front of the couch.

Bella is more outgoing of the two kitties. Bella is curious. She wants to see everything and try everything. She’s the one who will knock items on the table to the floor. Bella is also very sweet. She is always ready with a purr and a rub of your legs. Bella will let you pick her up and plop her on her back. She very “bendy” and is a “liquid” kitty!

Milo often waits quietly to see if what Bella is doing something that seems interesting to him. If so, he’s gone to play even though he’s the more cautious of the two. He is the sweetest guy and just like his sister he is quick to give you a purr and to follow you around. Milo loves to be held and loved on. He loves to chase his sister and play with little mice toys.

While Milo and Bella would be good to stay together, they each could adapt to being in a house as long as there is another friendly cat for company.

Interested in adopting? Find out how to adopt Bella and Milo now!

About Silicon Valley Pet Project
Silicon Valley Pet Project (SVPP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to saving local at-risk shelter pets through rescue, community involvement, and education. SVPP is a San Jose based organization that is inspired by the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley, with a goal to create a professional, sustainable animal welfare organization that celebrates rescue pets. They are also proud to be the first San Jose based network partner of Best Friends Animal Society. To find out more about their organization, pets, funding, goals and vision visit



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