Be Part Of The Royal Wedding In True British Fashion in San Jose!

You can be part of the Royal Wedding in true British fashion (or pajamas) this Saturday, May 19th at the Britannia Arms Royal Wedding Viewing Party at the Almaden location. Your morning will be full of English tradition, including your timepiece. The TV broadcast fun begins at 4 a.m. our time with a full Brit breakfast buffet of bangers, bacon, beans, mushrooms and apple cider toast served at 5 a.m.–then wedding cake. The price of a ticket also gets you a brilliant souvenir: a Queen Elizabeth mug or a replica of the Diana engagement ring. Of course, there’s a hat contest as well!

Asst. Manager Jin updated: tickets are still available for the patio with plenty of food and TVs–and heaters.

You can also watch the wedding on most of the local TV networks, or with the PBS video link pictured.

Click here for Britannia Arms info. Click here for ticket info. 408-266-0550





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