Beloved Chaplain Memorialized In South San Jose

Photos used by permission

It’s a proud time for San Jose. A beloved SJPD volunteer has been memorialized In South San Jose. You’ll see the name of the late Chaplain Dave Bridgen affixed to the South San Jose Police Sub-Station. The City’s official statement explains the choice to honor him. It explains that the chaplain “left a legacy of honor, righteousness, and service to others…Most admirable was his commitment to better the lives of our police officers and their families, especially in their most challenging times.
His actions not only made him a great resource to the SJPD community, but also a close friend and confidant…Chaplain Bridgen served as a volunteer to the Police Department faithfully for more than
30 years, retired in 2014, and passed away in 2017.”

The San Jose Police Substation is located within the Great Oaks Technology Park near the crossroads of Highways 85 and 101. It currently houses the City’s Community Service Officers, Police Academy,
Division of Cannabis Regulation, School Safety Program, and the Training and Recruiting units.




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