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Brace Yourself! Pizza Shops Are Dealing With Pepperoni Shortage!

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse…

But with pizza sales booming due to the shelter-in-place, the demand for pepperoni has gone through the roof, which in turn has led to supply issues and rising prices for pizza shops.

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Bloomberg is reporting that the shortage is two-fold, production problems at some meat plants and a larger  demand from consumers over the last five months.

And while larger chains haven’t had much of an issue yet, it’s the smaller, mom and pop shops that are experiencing the crunch with costs for pepperoni going up roughly 150 percent.

So don’t freak out when your favorite spot is charging a little bit for that large pie.

Here’s hoping the shortage can be worked out quickly.

How much pizza have you eaten during the pandemic? 

Is pepperoni your favorite pizza topping?

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