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Burger King Plans To Ease Your Traffic Pain With “Traffic Jam Whopper”

Have it your way and have it brought to you!

Nothing is worse than being absolutely starving while being stuck in never ending traffic. Luckily, Burger King is working on fixing that problem for you!

They’ve kicked off a pilot project in Mexico City that’ll deliver Whoppers right to your car if you happen to be stuck in traffic near a Burger King. Via the Waze App, commuters can order a “Traffic Jam Whopper” and have it dropped off to them by a Burger King employee riding a motorcycle. The project was such a big hit that Burger King is expanding the idea to cities with major traffic issues like Los Angeles and Shanghai. How much worse does traffic in the Bay Area have to get in order to get that here?

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Bringing the drive-thru to you…

If you could have anything delivered to you while in traffic, what would it be?

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