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Caltrans Has An Explanation For Those Curved Lane Stripes on Highway 101

Confused about those curved, traffic lines on Highway 101? Well, Caltrans finally has answer for you.

Over a year ago, Caltrans stopped painting the lines and switched to adhesive strips that were applied a few days after some rainfall. However, the strips suffered some wear and tear from big rigs driving over them, causing them to curve to where ther’re at now. Here’s what Victor Gauthier from Caltrans had to say regarding the lane stripes:

“There was a layer of moisture that came up to the surface of the asphalt and as we were doing our lane striping with the new technologies we’re using, that moisture created a layer between the adhesive and the ground, so it wasn’t sticking as normally as it should. This is somewhat new, so I wouldn’t necessarily say something went wrong, this is more so a lesson that we’re learning.”

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As if driving in the Bay Area is bad enough already…

Caltrans has said that restriping the lanes has already begun and would be finished in approximately a month’s time and it won’t cost taxpayers anything since the stripes are under warranty.

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