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Canceled Fireworks Shows Across The Bay Area Lead To “Booming” Sales For Safe Fireworks

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

With almost all the majority of fireworks shows being canceled this year due to the COVID pandemic, citizens in Dublin are stocking up on Safe and Sane supplies to entertain themselves and their families on the Fourth of July.​

“Safe and Sane” fireworks will only be allowed in neighborhoods with single-family homes. “Usage will be limited to neighborhoods with single-family dwellings, and residents are encouraged to gather with their “social bubble” in celebration,” a statement given by the city read.

All the non-profits in the city selling Safe and Sane are reporting that their sales are booming.

When Jeff Gadd opened up his stand on Sunday, he didn’t expect to sell $3,000 worth of fireworks in under 15 minutes.

“I’ve been running this booth for seven years and we did about 10 times what we usually do on the first day,” Gadd said.

In his booth’s first day of sales, they sold 10,000 products! A vast difference from the 800-1,000 they typically sell on the first day.

Dublin, along with Newark and Union City, are the only communities in Alameda County that allow for safe and sane fireworks.

Does an increase in fireworks sales surprise you?

How will you celebrate the Fourth of July this year?

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