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Bay FM’s Thousand Dollar Minute

Play Bay FM’s Thousand Dollar Minute every weekday at 7:20am with Bruce Scott!

Be caller 9 at 1-800-948-5229 and answer up to 10 questions to win cash! For every question you get right you’ll win $10 gift card to Pizza My Heart, but if you answer all 10 questions correctly you’ll win $1,000!

Official Contest Rules

Questions for Friday, May 17 (Easy Friday hint: Play the game)

  1. The current Avengers movie is called Avengers:…?
  2. Chris Isaak had what 1989 song that said “I don’t want to fall in love”?
  3. To look serious, you would put on what kind of expression?
  4. Nintendo released what handheld console in 1989?
  5. In football, you get what penalty for taking too long?
  6. Jon Snow and Arya Stark are characters on what TV show?
  7. What song would you sing in the 7th inning of a baseball game?
  8. What store’s slogan is “power to the players”?
  9. What contest does 94.5 Bay FM play at 8:30am?
  10. If your little car reaches millionaire acres, you’re playing what?

Answers: Today’s contestant got the ones with an *

  1. Endgame*
  2. Wicked Game
  3. Game Face*
  4. Game Boy
  5. Delay Of Game*
  6. Game Of Thrones*
  7. Take Me Out To The Ballgame*
  8. GameStop*
  9. Birthday Game
  10. Game Of Life*


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