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Bay FM’s Thousand Dollar Minute

Play Bay FM’s Thousand Dollar Minute every weekday at 7:20am with Bruce Scott!

Be caller 9 at 1-800-948-5229 and answer up to 10 questions to win cash! For every question you get right you’ll win $10 gift card to Pizza My Heart, but if you answer all 10 questions correctly you’ll win $1,000!

We also understand that you are busy and that it might be hard to be caller 9 so we are giving you an alternative way to win! Enter your name here and Bruce might be calling you on Friday, December 7th, at 7:20am to play Thousand Dollar Minute!

Official Contest Rules

Questions for Monday, November 19

  1. Which of the following was served at Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving: turkey, potatoes, ham or toast?
  2. In what sport might you score a hat trick?
  3. Riots broke out on Black Friday of 1996 over what toy that laughed when you squeezed him?
  4. If you eat venison, you’re eating what animal?
  5. Topeka is capital of what state?
  6. In what movie will you hear “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads?”
  7. What rock band sang “You Shook Me All Night Long?”
  8. When E. F. Hutton talks, what do people do?
  9. Who was vice president under George W. Bush?
  10. How many meters in 2 kilometers?


Answers: Today’s contestant got the ones with an *

  1. Toast*
  2. Hockey*
  3. Tickle Me Elmo
  4. Deer*
  5. Kansas*
  6. Back to the Future
  7. AC/DC*
  8. Listen*
  9. Dick Cheney
  10. 2000


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