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Costco Now Has A Giant 2-Pound Donut For Your Eating Pleasure

With giant 3-pound lobster claws and 27-pound tubs of macaroni & cheese available to buy, I’m starting to think Costco should change their slogan to “go big or go home.”

Now here they come again, going straight for your sweet tooth with a 2-pound donut!

The gargantuan doughnut is covered in pink icing and topped with rainbow sprinkles and, yes, those are indeed M&M’s on there!

Image result for donut gif

If you’re drooling at the sight of this and can not wait to get your hands on it, I’ve got some unfortunate news for you. It’s only available in Australia! But look at that thing, it’s totally worth sitting through an 18-hour flight for! Each doughnut costs 15.99 in Australian dollars, which is about $10.50.

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