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Curiosity Gets The Best Of An Arkansas Man Who Decided To Plant The Mystery Seeds From China! Here’s What Happened!

A man from Arkansas received one of those mystery seed packs from China and curiosity itched him so much that he decided to plant it.

“We…planted the seeds just to see what would happen,’’ Booneville, AK resident Doyle Crenshawn said.

The results were pretty out there!

It grew an orange flower and a small fruit! The fruit is said to look like a squash.

Crenshaw planted the seeds before agriculture specialists could issue a warning to not plant them.

Reports have shown up across all 50 states getting these odd packages. Some have even been labeled as “jewelry.”

“The package said it was from China and said ‘studded earrings’ on the outside, and we thought that was a little odd,” Crenshaw added.

It is unclear who is behind the packages, but US agriculture officials have said they believe the seeds may be part of a “brushing scam” — in which people receive goods they never ordered and the sender then posts a fake customer review in their name to boost sales.

Have you received one of these seed packs from China?

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