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Double Up! McDonald’s Introduces Two New Burgers, The Little Mac And Double Big Mac, But Only For A Limited Time!

Is McDonald’s Big Mac not big enough for you? Don’t worry – now they’ve got you covered!

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If you are a fan of the world-renowned burger, you can now get more or less of it depending on how hungry you are.

Starting today, they’re introducing the Little Mac and the Double Big Mac.

The Little Mac is just a mere. single version with only one patty and two buns. The Double Big Mac is essentially like a regular Big Mac but super-sized to four patties but strange enough, still only has one slice of cheese!

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I’m loving it.

The Little Mac will only cost $2.29. The Double Big Mac, which has 720 calories, will run you $5.49.
McDonald’s has sold different versions of the Big Mac in the past. In 2017 and 2018, it sold the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr. The Grand Mac used only two patties, but they were larger than a typical patty used on a regular Big Mac. It also had a larger bun.

If you’re game to tackle all those calories, you better start searching for your nearest Mickey D’s, the customizeable additions will only be around for a limited time and at certain locations.


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