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Easy Money! The Golden State Warriors Pass The L.A. Lakers As The NBA’s Second Most Valuable Franchise!

Add this as another reason why the Bay Area is way better than LA.

According to Forbes’ annual NBA franchise valuations, the Golden State Warriors have passed the rival Los Angeles Lakers as the NBA’s second most valuable franchise.

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The Warriors are being valued at $4.7 billion, while the Lakers’ value is just around $4.6 billion.

This is a swap from last year where the Lakers were no.2 and the Warriors were at no.3.

So how did this happen?

The Lakers are usually in the top two spots in the annual report but because of the Dubs’ steady rise as a global brand over the last decade they were able to leapfrog their SoCal rivals.

Add in the fact that Stephen Curry has become arguably one of the best players of all-time, fans are willing to hand out lots of their cash at the privately financed Chase Center to see him play.

In addition, the team’s revenue is significantly higher because the Warriors actually own Chase Center and the land around it while the Lakers come out of pocket to play at the legendary Staples Center.

However, the Warriors still have a ways to go to catch the no.1 valued franchise, the New York Knicks. They were valued this year at $5 billion.


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