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Fashion Trend: Clothes You (Almost) Never Have To Wash!

A fashion trend to serve  super lazy people or perhaps those who want to reduce their carbon footprint…  clothing that you almost never have to WASH.  Some companies have started using new fibers and treatments to make clothes that won’t smell bad even after you wear them for weeks or months between washes.  Is this something we really want?

Well consider this: Washing machines are responsible for 17% of the water we use in our homes and a quarter of the carbon footprint of every piece of clothing comes from cleaning it.

One brand that makes a seaweed fiber t-shirt says you’ll save almost 800 gallons of water by not having to wash it as often as you’d wash a regular t-shirt.

Unbound MerinoPangaia, and Wool & Prince are just a few of the companies using these new fabrics and textiles.

Somehow, I can’t get past the thought of all the “stuff” that could be stuck on your shirt…even if you can’t smell, you KNOW it’s there.

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