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FBI Says Your Smart TV Could Be Spying On You

So…you know that shiny, new Smart TV you bought on Black Friday?

Well it turns out, according to the FBI, that it could be spying on you.

FBI officials say TVs often have fewer security features than laptops or smartphones, leaving them more vulnerable to hackers looking to access your home network.

Hackers could potentially use that access to show inappropriate videos or even spy on you through the TV’s camera. They recommend changing your password, disabling risky features, or even putting a piece of tape over the camera.

Although, the FBI has said that consumers can lower their risk of being hacked by taking the proper precautions:

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi router uses strong security and always set your own password instead of relying on the factory settings.
  • Keep that router up-to-date with the latest firmware. If it has been a long time since a firmware update was issued, consider buying a new router from a reputable brand.
  • Read and make sure you understand your smart TV’s various user agreements. If there’s an auto-update feature for its firmware, turn it on. If there isn’t, check for updates monthly.
  • Consider buying a new TV when and if software updates stop coming.

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Finally, you also have the option of switching off your smart TV’s internet connection entirely by unplugging it from your Ethernet cable or turning off its Wi-Fi connection.


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