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Fisher-Price Introduces A Fully Functioning “Chatter Telephone” For Adults!

If you ever wished as a child that your fake Fisher-Price telephone would actually work, then I’m here to tell you that dreams do come true!

Fisher-Price’s legendary kid toy, the Chatter Telephone, has been made into a working Bluetooth-connected handset for grownups!

After 60 years, the toy is still true to form with its wobbly eyes, red wheels and rainbow colored rotary.

The rotary dial can actually be used to place calls by dialing the person’s phone number, digit by digit.

When a call comes in, it can be answered by simply picking up the handset or by using the speakerphone feature.

The toy is now available for preorder at Best Buy for $60.

Toy Phone Dialing GIF - Toy Phone Dialing Spinning - Discover & Share GIFs

Just in case you forgot how to work a rotary phone.

Did you have a Chatter Telephone growing up?


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