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Getting Left Hung Out To Dry! Widespread Shortage Hits Bay Area Appliance Centers!

It’s time to check-up and make sure your refrigerator is running.


Because there is a big shortage on appliances in the Bay Area right now!

Appliance centers all over the Bay Area are currently experiencing both an increase in demand and a major shortage in supplies.

The shortages include supplies, – such as microchips -, companies discounting certain items and lack of workers.

“What we’re seeing is a 700 percent greater demand for appliances than any other time in history and a 60 percent lower ability to produce them — maybe due to social distancing or supply chain interruption,” said Mike Heintz, who operates University Electric in Santa Clara.

Pre-COVID, the turn around time on a typical order here at university electric was one to two weeks.

Now there are certain items that won’t come in until February 2022.

Have you shopped for appliances lately?


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