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Giants Say No To Fans In Attendance At Games; Opting To Use Cardboard Cutouts For 2020 Home Games

A bit of bad but hopefully understandable news for fans of the San Francisco Giants.

The team has told season ticket holders that will be no fans in attendance at home games for the 2020 season.

Instead, they will commit to using cardboard cutouts of fans to be shown in the stands.

The team will have what is called a “Fan Cutout Program,” which fans can submit photos of themselves and allows them to be at game while watching at home. Providing a funny, “hey, I know that guy!” type of moment.

The program will be free for season ticket holders and non-season ticket holders will pay out of pocket fee of $99.

Other teams in other leagues have used the cutouts before but the Giants will be the first team in the MLB to do so.

Are you a Giants season ticket holder?

Will you pay for a cardboard cutout of yourself?

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