The Glass Christmas Pickle Myth On Pickle Day

November 14th is National Pickle Day. A great way to celebrate could be adding one of those pretty green glass pickle ornaments to your collection. Well, some are pretty. Some are pretty funky-looking!

You might know about the “tradition” of the pickle ornament. The story goes, that once upon a time in Germany, a glass pickle ornament was hung on a Christmas tree as a last touch as the kinder (children) slept. In the morning, the first child who noticed the unique decoration was awarded an extra gift. And so the tradition continued…

The funny thing is, Germans can’t figure out whose tradition the Christmas Pickle thing is; it’s not theirs! LOL–FAKE CHRISTMAS NEWS!

But it’s all in good fun, so enjoy! If you don’t have a glass Chrismas pickle yet, they’re for sale at lots of retailers including Target and World Market. Amazon has ’em too. They range in price, but many are about $5.00. Have fun!

Oh–and real pickles make the day even more special–especially the Gilroy Garlic flavor!


Photo by Jona



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