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Grandfather Returns Handcuffs He Stole From LAPD 60 Years Ago!

Better late than never!

A 74 year old Los Angeles man was only a teenager when he stole a set of handcuffs from a police officer.

When a fight broke out at a Bob’s Big Boy, the cuffs fell off the officer and he tookoff with them.

60 years later he has returned them.

Why so long after the fact?

His grandkids found them and when he told them the story about the handcuffs they were disappointed to find out their good ol’ granddad was a thief.

The grandfather mailed the cuffs back along with a note explaining that while the letter is addressed to the LAPD it is really for his grandkids.

“They were aghast and asked me why I stole the handcuffs from a policeman. I, of course, had no good explanation and I told them it was the wrong thing to do and I wasn’t proud of it and then I danced around the subject,” the letter said.

The dept posted the letter online but crossed out his name.

Did you do something in your younger years that you still regret?

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