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Here Are The Five Things That Americans Are Most Proud Of!

With Independence Day just around the corner, it’s important to acknowledge what really makes us proud to be an American.

A new poll found 91% of us are proud of America’s scientific achievements.  89% are proud of the military.  And 85% are proud of our arts and culture.  But only 32% are proud of the American political system.

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Proud space geek here…

Gallup recently conducted their annual Fourth of July poll, where they sought out people and asked if they’re proud to be an American and how proud they really are.

97% of the people surveyed this year are a little proud to be an American.

But the number of “extremely” proud was at an all-time low. 45% said they were extremely proud, which is down from 47% last year. The all-time high since 2001 was 70%.

Another 25% this year said they’re “very” proud, 18% said “moderately” proud, while 9% said “only a little” and 3% said “not at all.”

Here are the top five things we’re most proud of . . .

  1. America’s scientific achievements.  91% of us are proud of them
  2. The U.S. military, 89%
  3. American culture and arts, 85%
  4. America’s economic achievements, 75%
  5. Our achievements in sports, 73%

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I hope Hulkamania at least got an honorable mention

What are you most proud of as an American?

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