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“How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?” Steve Buscemi Hands Out Candy In His Classic “30 Rock” Costume!

Happy Halloween, fellow kids!

Beloved actor Steve Buscemi handed out candy from a  Brooklyn stoop to trick-or-treaters night — and dressed up as one of his TV characters that’s now a popular internet meme.

Wearing a red tracksuit, a backward cap, and a shirt that said “Music Band,” skateboard in tow, Buscemi was dressed as his undercover alter ego from the show, 30 Rock.

In the fan-favorite episode, Buscemi’s character, Lenny Wosniak, is shown attempting to infiltrate a high school as “part of a special task force of very young-looking cops.”

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Buscemi was kind enough to snap selfies and exchange “how do you do’s” with his fellow kids.

By this morning, he was already trending on Twitter.

Which famous character would you like to see on Halloween?


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