I Went To Las Vegas…….Again.

Photo by Kirk

Sometimes I am the luckiest guy on the planet.  I got a free trip to Vegas just given to a coworker and I to go enjoy.  The trip was put on by Southwest Airlines and they went all out.  The plane was filled with people who had won a free trip to Vegas.  It was a very happy group of people.  There was plenty of room on the plane to stretch out.

Once we got to the airport Southwest had a shuttle ready to take us to our hotel.  We were staying at the Park MGM Las Vegas.  It’s the hotel formally known as the Monte Carlo.  Our hotel room overlooked the new Golden Knight stadium.

Southwest left us goody bags as well.  They gave us a sweet bluetooth speaker and a battery that we can carry with us so if we need to charge our phone we could just plug our phones into it.  It was by far the most useful thing to have while on the strip.

I did do some gambling all over the strip.  I’m mainly a blackjack roulette kinda guy.  Lost a bunch of money playing blackjack.  Curse you blackjack!!!!  Why must I love you and yet all you do is take all my money.  Held my own at the roulette tables.

I did by far the best at this horse racing game at the cosmopolitan that we found.  This game was amazing.  You bet on horses and then watch these little plastic figures run around the track.  It was so much fun yelling at the plastic horse I bet on only to watch him surge to the front and win me money.  Free drinks at the Cosmo so everyone playing was extra rowdy.  I know I told a plastic horse that I was going to melt him down so I could use him as an example to all the other horses I bet on.

On Saturday, we saw one of the best shows I’ve seen on the strip.  Le Reve – The Dream.  It was amazing.  People diving into the pool below at insane heights.  It was very similar to some of the Cirque De Soleil stuff.  I’ve only seen one show that was even close to as good as Le Reve at the Wynn in Las Vegas and that was KA at the MGM Grand.  It’s a must see next time you’re in Vegas.

This was an amazing weekend in Vegas.  The weather was amazing and met a lot of new people.  Can’t wait to do it again.


PS: Here is a picture of a fish that I named after my boss Ronnie.



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