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Impossible Burgers Become So Popular That Some Restaurants Are Reporting Shortages

The Impossible Burger is becoming almost impossible to find!

Shortly after Burger King released their Impossible Whopper, big chains like Red Robin and White Castle have announced shortages of the popular meat-free patties. Bloomberg has reported that demand has become so high that have run out!

White Castle, the first major fast food chain to serve Impossible patties, is saying that the patties should be back by Monday, June 17. And Red Robin, Impossible’s largest casual dining partner, has yet to make a statement.

Bloomberg also reached out to a number of Burger King locations serving the Impossible Whopper, and none of them were seeing signs of a shortage: “Every Burger King location contacted by Bloomberg, including those in St. Louis, Miami; Montgomery, Alabama; and Columbus, Georgia, said the patties were in stock.” The Impossible Whopper just made it’s way to the Bay Area earlier this week.

Have you had an Impossible Whooper yet?


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