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Investor Finds $10,000 in Cash Hidden in Home he Purchased!

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

An Illinois investor who buys home and resells them for profit got an awesome deal on his most recent purchase.

Jim Dow said the house he bought contained more than $10,000 in cash hidden in the living room!

“As I was looking around the couch there were two bank deposit envelopes — and they were full of cash,” Dow said after discovering an initial $5,000. “I noticed another corner of a white envelope, and there were three of them. Those had another $7,500 in them.”

After doing some research, he discovered that the previous owner had left the money in the home because she didn’t trust banks.

He returned it to the previous owner, who attempted to offer him a reward.

Dow respectfully declined.

“I’m one of the good guys and I think there are lots of other good people in the world,” he said.

Honestly, would you have returned the money?

What’s the most amount of money you’ve found?

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