Is Your Phone Spying On You? Apple Says No.

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There’s been a lot of speculation lately about whether your phone is watching you. Is your iPhone listening to your conversation?

Apple says no, not by them anyway. In a letter to the House Energy & Commerce Committee, Apple said that their products do NOT actively listen to users or collect data on what people are saying in the background.

Said the letter, made public today: “iPhone doesn’t listen to consumers except to recognize the clear, unambiguous audio trigger ‘Hey Siri,'” the letter reads. “Apple provides a visual alert when Siri is listening to a user’s request, and Apple’s Developer Guidelines require its developers to display a visual indicator when their app is collecting audio information from the microphone.”

They do warn that some 3rd party app developers had been removed from their App Store for violating privacy terms, but did not elaborate on what apps they were.



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