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It’s Like They’re Coming Right At Me! KFC Working on 3-D Chicken Nuggets!

This next post requires no 3-D glasses.

KFC has been switching up their menu lately, but nothing can compare to the new item they’re working on…

3-D chicken nuggets! 

You heard correct, KFC has partnered with a bioprinting lab in Russia for a process that combines animal cells and plant-based ingredients to make chicken meat and by using the 3-D printing that will subsequently eliminate the slaughter of animals to make food.

The process would use a small amount of animal cells and plant-based materials to produce chicken meat in a lab

The company explained that the nuggets will still have the flavor that you’re used to enjoying and hope that this will help craft the “meat of the future.”

A test run for the final product is set for this fall in Moscow.

Do you think you’d eat the 3-D chicken nuggets?

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