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It’s The Flight Of The Condor! East Bay Golfer Achieves One Of Golf’s Rarest Achievements!

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library.

If you thought a hole-in-one was really cool, wait until you check this one out!

In December, Pleasant Hill resident Kevin Pon rushed to squeeze in his weekly round at Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland, unaware he was about to accomplish the rarest of golfing feats.

He stepped up to the 18th hole, a Par-6, 649 yard shot, and hit his first shot over 500 feet with the help of some really good bounces.

Using his pitching wedge for his second shot, Pon’s ball found the bottom of the cup!

2 shots, no big deal, right?


You see, Lake Chabot has the only par-6 hole west of the Mississippi.

To make that shot in two shots isn’t a triple eagle or an albatross. It’s called a condor. And It’s the rarest shot in golf!

A condor is so rare that the PGA doesn’t even list any odds of a golfer achieving it.

In golf’s history, there have ever only been four previous condors reported.

“I still can’t believe it. I didn’t even see the ball come to rest on either of those two shots,” said Pon. “It’s like I’ve been telling people, ‘You know, this has been a weird year.’”

Definitely a fitting way to end a bizzare year.

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