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Keeping It Short And Sweet. New Rules for Hairdressers Opening After Lockdown Include No Small Talk

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

The United Kingdom’s National Hair and Beauty Federation unveiled new regulations in regards to hair stylists and their clients as they begin to reopen after COVID-19.

They are advising their members to keep small-talk to a bare minimum to protect staff and customers. Hair stylists are also suggested to avoid face-to-face conversation but if necessary, have side-by-side conversation while looking in the mirror.

Clients are also encouraged to participate in a ‘virtual consultation’ so the length of appointment can be determined.

Additionally, the clients are also being advised to not bring coat or jackets provided the weather is nice, as the virus can stay on fabrics for days.

Do you think these rules are well suited?

Has your hair stylist or barber reopened yet?

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