Lawmakers Consider Making Measles Vaccinations Mandatory

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With the number of reported measles cases in the Pacific Northwest having climbed to 52, Washington state lawmakers are considering making vaccinations mandatory for school age children.  A bill introduced Friday in the state capitol seeks to override parental objections to vaccinations based on personal, philosophical or religious beliefs.  Apparently, the idea didn’t sit well with hundreds of parents, who gathered outside the House Health Care and Wellness Committee chambers to protest the proposed initiative.  As the law currently stands, children are required to be vaccinated against nearly a dozen diseases — measles included — unless their parents opt out.

I know this is a hot question but should immunizations be required by law?  Does telling parents what’s best for their children set a bad precedent?

I will say that there are few things that have been peer reviewed as much as vaccines.  There is a mountain of evidence that there is no link between Autism and vaccines.  Seriously, a mountain.

I do understand why parents choose to not vaccinate their children.  You’re scared.  You see is as a risk and tell yourself ‘why take the risk?’  What you aren’t thinking about is the fact that you are putting your child and others at risk of contracting Measles or one of the other diseases vaccination prevent.  Now, every day there is a new story of one of these diseases springing up somewhere and it all could have been prevented if people just got vaccinated.

I’ll be honest.  I’m for this bill.

Look at it this way.  Back in the day, you weren’t required to wear a seatbelt in the car.  The government stepped in and made them mandatory for the greater good and public safety.   Seatbelts saved lives and I think most people would tell you that they are necessary.  It’s the same with vaccines.  There were people that fought against wearing seatbelts back in the day and now we view them as crazy.


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