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LEGO to Release New Sets Based on Seinfeld and Home Alone!

Did you know if you have a good idea and get enough support LEGO may follow through on your idea?


One man came up with the idea to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Seinfeld. He submitted the idea to LEGO and it tallied over 10,000 votes! So LEGO made it happen!

The set looks like Jerry’s apartment and has mini cast members!

George Constanza himself, Jason Alexander, even chimed in on it.

Another man came up with the idea to see the 1990 movie, Home Alone in LEGO form. It received 30,000 votes!

And that did not disappoint either!

The Home Alone set has 3,000 pieces and allows you to build the McAllisters home!

Pieces include Kevin, Harry, Marv, all of Kevin’s traps and a cheese pizza just for Kevin.

No official release date has been given but they can be expected sometime next year.

What idea would you give LEGO to create?

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