Local Spots Make Bon Appetit Magazine’s “America’s Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants”

Jona Denz-Hamilton

Bon Appetit Magazine asked 80 “interesting people”, athletes, writers, fashion folks, actors, etc., where they liked to go for for a delicious culinary treat. Their picks have become part of an article called, “America’s Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants.”  It’s no surprise that thirteen of the picks are in California. Four of them are in the Bay Area–definitely worth a try.

Click here for more of the Bon Appetit article.

America’s Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants: Bay Area

  • Pinoy BBQ ATBP, Milpitas ~ picked by Elaine Castillo, author “America Is Not The Heart”
  • Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe, Santa Cruz ~ picked by Elaheh Nozari, Bon Appétit commerce editor
  • The Fillmore, San Francisco ~ picked by Shakirah Simley, writer
  • Anchor Oyster Bar, San Francisco ~ picked by Kara Swisher, technology journalist and co-founder of Recode
  • (A little farther away) Butter Cream Bakery, Napa ~ picked by writer Kira Garcia

Honorable Mention (“Silicon Valley” actor. Jimmy O. Yang’s picks)

  • Dirty Birds, San Diego ~ picked by Jimmy O. Yang, actor “Silicon Valley”
  • Trujillo’s, San Diego ~ picked by Jimmy O. Yang, actor “Silicon Valley”




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