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Man Accidentally Swallows Airpod And It Still Works

Talk about a tough pod to swallow!

A man in Thailand found out the hard way of the true durability of Apple’s Airpods.

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After falling asleep with his airpods in his ears, Ben Hzu awoke to find one of them missing. And just like any other Apple user would, he immediately turned to his Find My iPhone feature to help locate the missing pod. He searched all over his home, following the beeping sound in hopes that he would find it. The sound kept eluding him and it was then he realized he made a huge mistake. He swallowed it!

He went to the emergency room, where doctors told him to try laxatives to help get it out of his system and if it didn’t, he’d have to have surgery.

Well needless to say, he found it. But to his amazement, he discovered that it was still working at 41% battery power. According to the emergency room doctor that treated him, the AirPod’s protective plastic coating saved him from seriously rupturing his intestine.

Personally, I would’ve just tossed it out.

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Didn’t have this issue with the old headphones. Plus, cheaper too…

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