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Need Some Extra Cash This Summer? Californians Are Renting Out Their Pools By The Hour

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With the heat starting to pick up and many local pools being closed down, some Californians are taking matters into their own hands.

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A start-up company called Swimply is helping people who own pools rent them out by the hour.

One couple in Los Angeles has already racked nearly $7,000 by allowing people to come to their home and use their pool.

As of this past weekend, 165 pools were listed as available and can cost anywhere between $30 to $75 per hour. Which if you think of it is probably how much you spend going to the local pool everyday of the summer.

That’s not too shabby of a deal, if you ask me.

Some of the pools have been touted as “kid-friendly” and others were deemed “resort-like.”

And in case you’re wondering, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said there’s no evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted to people through water in pools.

Would you really pay to go over to a stranger’s house to swim?

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