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New Mac Pro Can Cost More Than $52K. And That’s Before The $400 Wheels

Prices for Apple computers are generally on the higher end, but their latest product could seriously put a dent in your bank account.

Yesterday, Apple unveiled the new Mac Pro starts at $6,000. Depending on the combination of parts, the price can climb over $52,000 for a fully loaded model!

To put things into perspective, that’s only about $300 less than a fully-loaded Tesla Model 3.

The Mac Pro is being dubbed the “cheese grater” due to its design, a display is sold separately.

Want the monitor to match? That will set you back an additional $5,000.

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But wait, there’s more!

For an additional $400, you can get detachable wheels for the tower so it can be moved around with ease. Because you know, portability is such a crucial element for a desktop computer.

And for an even $1000, spinning rims are also an option.

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I’m totally kidding about that.

If you’re interested in spending a house down payment on this Mac, you’ll need to be patient on top of being rich. — Apple’s store says this configuration won’t ship until late January.

But hey, that’s enough time to save up to purchase the $1000 Pro Display XDR monitor and stand.

That one I’m not kidding about.


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