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New Toasters Stink! So I Found This Vintage One.

My wife Lisa has been complaining about toasters for years. They’re cheaply made, break down after a couple years and just don’t toast evenly. She says her grandparents had the same toaster for decades and it worked perfectly every time. She told me she wanted a vintage toaster, and today I hit the toaster jackpot!!!

I found this hot beauty at the West Wind Capitol Flea Market in San Jose. This, my friends, is the king of vintage toasters, the rock-solid, USA-made Sunbeam T-9, one of the most popular and stylish toasters ever made. The kind your grandparents had, the model in a famous Norman Rockwell painting. The thing is considerably heavier than the toasters you see at Target today, and feels like it weighs as much as a bowling ball.

I looked it up, and these were made from 1939-1949. So it’s at least 70 years old.

I paid 5 bucks for it at the flea market. I plugged it in and it got hot, but smoke started coming out because it was pretty dirty inside. I’ll clean it up and let you know how it toasts. Wish me luck!


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